A new local developer team has emerged

Martin Pihl martin at martinpihl.dk
Sat Jan 31 09:03:50 GMT 2009

Hi all Nordics

Søren Hansen from the Danish Team suggested the other day, that we
created an IRC channel with a focus on development, including all those
that are working with bugs and stuff.

Now, it is definitely a challenge keeping such a team active, so I
proposed we run the team as a Nordic team, so all people interested in
Ubuntu developing, packaging, bug triaging and stuff like that could
find and help each other in a Nordic IRC channel.

Thus, you can now find the IRC channel #ubuntu-nordic-dev, where
development-minded people from all the Nordic countries can come
together and help each other. If anybody want to set something up on the
wiki, that'll be awesome ;)

Please tell your local teams about this channel - put it in the forums
and blog about it :)

Kind regards
Martin, Denmark

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