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Fri Dec 18 02:33:18 GMT 2009

First some background.
=3D Why Local Teams? =3D
Ever since the birth of computers, enthusiasts and fans around the
world have collected together in garages, universities and pubs to
talk about their interest, learn from each other and help promote
their interest. Combine this with the huge popularity of Ubuntu, and
you have the Ubuntu LoCo project.

And so...
=3D  What you need =3D
Yes, you guessed right: Infrastructure!

=3D=3D Forum =3D=3D
This needs creation: <>
=3D=3D IRC - Chat =3D=3D
It's already registered: #ubuntu-is @ FreeNode
 * To complete the channel creation as an ubuntu channel please see:
 * The registrant is being BCC'ed in this email
 * The chat is reachable from: <
=3D=3D Mailist =3D=3D
I've already requested its creation:
=3D=3D Launchpad Teams =3D=3D
 * Translation Team (already started): <
 * LoCo Team (already started): <>
  * Anyone can join the LoCo team.
 * LoCo Team Administrators (already started):
  * The administrators team is ment for those of you that want to
involve yourself in the day to day administration of the team and its
   * Sysadmins for the Web Infrastructure (Site, LP, LoCo Directory,
Wiki, Mailist)
   * Web pressence maintenance
   * Marketing & PR + Information management
   * Social media management and moderation: IRC, forum, FB, Twitter,, LinkedIn, etc...
=3D=3D Wiki =3D=3D
It's already started: <>
 * The wiki is to be the web page for the team in its early life
 * It will be the default linking of
 * When the team gets approved and can access hosting @ Canonical or
Ubuntu-EU then you can redirect that domain
 * If you pull off a site, then just redirect the wiki page (with i.e.
#REFRESH to the new site.
=3D=3D Website =3D=3D
You can request <> to
 * Once you have the wiki page up you can ask for redirection of the
domain to the WIki page of the team (see above) as Canonical owns that
 * is owned by someone else, but maybe we can get
it for this purpose? This person is being BCC'ed in this email.

So, what now?
1. You need (at least one and ideally several) the Team Contact(s):
2. If you want to be part of the Administrator team (involving
yourself is a matter of wanting to) let me know and I will add you to
the Team. the Admin team is the owner of the general Ubuntu Icelandic
3. I wouldlike to invite you to host the first Icelandic Ubuntu Global
Jam! The happening is the last weekend of March (you have 10 days.)
For more information check this blog post:

Now, if you want to ask questions please do so either here in the list
or just send me an email directly.

To end this lengthy email I would like to thank each and everyone one
of the persons that met me this last week. You have really made my
time in your beautiful country even better that it would normally have
been! Thank you very much for a fantastic time and enjoyable

Have a nice day to you all!

Best regards,

Rub=E9n Romero

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