[Ubuntu-ni] Ya es oficial!!!! - SFD Nicaragua 2007

Leo Gomez leo.telsen en gmail.com
Jue Nov 29 21:06:24 GMT 2007

SFD Nicaragua 2007 Team This was a first time event for the SFD Nicaragua
Team, and they pulled off an incredible event with only one and a half
months planning! They had great press coverage, including TV and radio
interviews, blog coverage, four pre-SFD events, flyers and more! The
schedule was packed with speakers (including speakers as young as 12),
video, great FOSS demonstrations, and an installfest. The event really
involved people of all ages. Over 500 people attended the event, and the
attendance was very broad. The event grew support for and interest in the
local FOSS groups, and gained attention from schools that could use FOSS to
help their students. An amazing job SFD Nicaragua! Especially given it is
your first event!

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