[Ubuntu-ni] Ya es oficial!!!! - SFD Nicaragua 2007

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Jue Nov 29 21:14:36 GMT 2007

Felicidades camaradas ubunteros, lagartijas y demás :D

2007/11/29, Leo Gomez <leo.telsen en gmail.com>:
> SFD Nicaragua 2007 Team This was a first time event for the SFD Nicaragua
> Team, and they pulled off an incredible event with only one and a half
> months planning! They had great press coverage, including TV and radio
> interviews, blog coverage, four pre-SFD events, flyers and more! The
> schedule was packed with speakers (including speakers as young as 12),
> video, great FOSS demonstrations, and an installfest. The event really
> involved people of all ages. Over 500 people attended the event, and the
> attendance was very broad. The event grew support for and interest in the
> local FOSS groups, and gained attention from schools that could use FOSS to
> help their students. An amazing job SFD Nicaragua! Especially given it is
> your first event!
> http://softwarefreedomday.org/Competition2007/Winners#head-d3d0c0cb65d1b322f499dd916f07db8dfee887cf
> http://mail.sf-day.org/pipermail/sfd-discuss/2007-November/000462.html
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