Community team weeks 41+42 update

David Planella david.planella at
Fri Oct 16 17:57:37 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We're back with the weekly update and some highlights of what the Ubuntu
Community Team at Canonical worked on last two weeks:

## General community
- UOS preparation is in full swing: planning call, track leads are being
confirmed, sessions scheduled and docs and summit updated.
- is next week in Berlin!
- Preparation of UbuCon @ SCALE announcement
- Review of current Community metrics.
- Patch pilot shift (dholbach). Updated patch pilot schedule for
- Wrapping up Ubucontest: organisation of prizes and t-shirts.
- Assist in managing our recent phone security issue.
- Scopes testing and contest preparation

## Core Apps
- Preparing a new release of Clock which incorporates some DST fixes
(target to get it in before DST kicks in next weekend in Europe)
- Debugging LibreOffice builds in DocViewer, and design discussion on how
to present LO files in the app in the most sane way
- Met with Ubuntu LibreOffice maintainer and desktop team to plan future
release strategy for LO in Docviewer (and distro)
- Increased Canonical developer involvement in Dekko as we prepare to make
it a default phone application
- Final tweaks to rebooted Weather app before preparing to land it in the
store, replacing the old design
- Short Music app video made to demonstrate current (preliminary) state of
convergence. -
- Met with Canonical Design team to organise UI/UX reviews of some core apps

## Developer site
- Ongoing investigation why the markdown docs importer does not work in a
postgres setting (bug 1506861).
- Update of outdated pages
- Planning of a new IA for the Snappy section

## Snappy
- Snapcraft 0.3 release.
- Review of current Snappy docs and tree structure.
- Creation and review of a new proposal for a more refined information
architecture, which takes various developer personas into account.
- Planning of next Snappy Clinic (Monday, 19th Oct).
- Work on presentation materials for Ubucon DE talk about Snappy (Daniel)
and phone (David)

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