ubuntu-za news

Miles msdomdonner at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 19 05:54:51 UTC 2015

Dear Editor, A group of ubuntu-za members decided to check the condition 
of LoCos's in Africa in January this year. We were shocked to find that 
most LoCos are basically missing in action. Of the 18 we have found 9, 
(some in a very weakened state)  that are still there, and have got them 
to join irc #ubuntu-africa a channel created for the purpose of uniting 
all ubuntu users on the continent on one channel. There are states that 
only have one ubuntu user, so with the irc channel we give them a home 
base to work from where we can help and support one another. A few of 
the ZA guys have got together to design, build and host a site for 
everyone in Africa and attract as many newcomers to Ubuntu as possible. 
Anyone that can help us find the missing groups or any Ubuntu user in 
the missing areas is welcome to lend a hand. We will keep trying until 
we have linked the whole continent. So far here is what we have
I can be found on #ubuntu-za and also on #ubuntu-locoteams as Kilos but 
you might need to pm me on the second channel so we dont discuss off 
topic matters.
All the best to you all

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