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Michael Hall
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A couple of months ago <a
target="_blank">Jono announced</a> the dates for the Ubuntu Online
Summit, <strong>June 10th - 12th</strong>,  and those dates are almost
upon us now.  The<a href=""
target="_blank"> schedule is opened</a>, the track leads are on board,
all we need now are sessions.  And that's where you come in.

Ubuntu Online Summit is a change for us, we're trying to mix the
previous online UDS events with our Open Week, Developer Week and User
Days events, to try and bring people from <strong>every</strong> part of
our community together to celebrate, educate, and improve Ubuntu. So in
addition to the usual planning sessions we had at UDS, we're also
looking for presentations from our various community teams on the work
they do, walk-throughs for new users learning how to use Ubuntu, as well
as instructional sessions to help new distro developers, app developers,
and cloud devops get the most out of it as a platform.

What we need from you are sessions.  It's open to anybody, on any topic,
anyway you want to do it.  The only requirement is that you can start
and run a Google+ OnAir Hangout, since those are what provide the live
video streaming and recording for the event.  There are two ways you can
propose a session: the first is to register a Blueprint in Launchpad,
this is good for planning session that will result in work items, the
second is to propose a session directly in Summit, which is good for any
kind of session.  Instructions for how to do both are available on the
<a href=""
target="_blank">UDS Website</a>.

There will be Track Leads available to help you get your session on the
schedule, and provide some technical support if you have trouble getting
your session's hangout setup. When you propose your session (or create
your Blueprint), try to pick the most appropriate track for it, that
will help it get approved and scheduled faster.
<h2>Ubuntu Development</h2>
Many of the development-oriented tracks from UDS have been rolled into
the Ubuntu Development track. So anything that would previously have
been in Client, Core/Foundations or Cloud and Server will be in this one
track now. The track leads come from all parts of Ubuntu development, so
whatever you session's topic there will be a lead there who will be
familiar with it.
<h3>Track Leads:</h3>
	<li>Łukasz Zemczak</li>
	<li>Steve Langasek</li>
	<li>Leann Ogasawara</li>
	<li>Antonio Rosales</li>
	<li>Marc Deslaurs</li>
<h2>Application Development</h2>
Introduced a few cycles back, the Application Development track will
continue to have a focus on improving the Ubuntu SDK, tools and
documentation we provide for app developers.  We also want to introduce
sessions focused on teaching app development using the SDK, the various
platform services available, as well as taking a deeper dive into
specifics parts of the Ubuntu UI Toolkit.
<h3>Track Leads:</h3>
	<li>Michael Hall</li>
	<li>David Planella</li>
	<li>Alan Pope</li>
	<li>Zsombor Egri</li>
	<li>Nekhelesh Ramananthan</li>
<h2>Cloud DevOps</h2>
This is the counterpart of the Application Development track for those
with an interest in the cloud.  This track will have a dual focus on
planning improvements to the DevOps tools like Juju, as well as bringing
DevOps up to speed with how to use them in their own cloud deployments.
 Learn how to write charms, create bundles, and manage everything in a
variety of public and private clouds.
<h3>Track Leads:</h3>
	<li>Jorge Castro</li>
	<li>Marco Ceppi</li>
	<li>Patricia Gaughen</li>
	<li>Jose Antonio Rey</li>
The community track has been a stable of UDS for as long as I can
remember, and it's still here in the Ubuntu Online Summit.  However,
just like the other tracks, we're looking beyond just planning ways to
improve the community structure and processes.  This time we also want
to have sessions showing users how they can get involved in the Ubuntu
community, what teams are available, and what tools they can use in the
<h3>Track Leads:</h3>
	<li>Daniel Holbach</li>
	<li>Jose Antonio Rey</li>
	<li>Laura Czajkowski</li>
	<li>Svetlana Belkin</li>
	<li>Pablo Rubianes</li>
This is a new track and one I'm very excited about. We are all users of
Ubuntu, and whether we've been using it for a month or a decade, there
are still things we can all learn about it. The focus of the Users track
is to highlight ways to get the most out of Ubuntu, on your laptop, your
phone or your server.  From detailed how-to sessions, to tips and
tricks, and more, this track can provide something for everybody,
regardless of skill level.
<h3>Track Leads:</h3>
	<li>Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph</li>
	<li>Nicholas Skaggs</li>
	<li>Valorie Zimmerman</li>
So once again, it's time to get those sessions in.  Visit <a
target="_blank">this page to learn how</a>, then start thinking of what
you want to talk about during those three days.  Help the track leads
out by finding more people to propose more sessions, and let's get that
schedule filled out. I look forward to seeing you all at our first ever
Ubuntu Online Summit.

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