New Membership Board Members

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at
Wed May 30 16:24:51 UTC 2012

Last month we put out a call to the community to restaff the Ubuntu
Membership Boards and announced a change from region-based
applications to time-based boards, see:

Thanks to all the great candidates we had for the restaffing! It's
never easy to select from great lists and candidates, but we do have
limited spots on the board, so congratulations and welcome to the

12:00 Membership Board:

 * Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman -
 * ஆமாச்சு -
 * Russell John -
 * Micah Gersten -

22:00 Membership Board:

 * Chris Johnston -
 * IdleOne -
 * C de-Avillez -
 * -
 * Pablo Rubianes -

All of these individuals will be added to the new consolidated
~ubuntu-membership-board team and we'll be working to update the
documentation to reflect time-based rather than region-based boards.

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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