ubuntu-manual-precise: call for editors

Hannie Dumoleyn lafeber-dumoleyn2 at zonnet.nl
Thu May 31 07:28:27 UTC 2012

The Ubuntu Manual Project <http://ubuntu-manual.org> is seeking
editors and proofreaders for the current draft of Getting Started with
Ubuntu 12.04.

The editors will be assigned to specific sections or chapters.
Editors are responsible for the following:

* Ensuring that the voice and style is consistent throughout the
manual. Check that we have good coverage of all the information our
readers need to successfully get started with Ubuntu. See the editors
section at <http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved> for more

* Proofreading spelling and grammar.

* [optional] Checking LaTeX code in and pushing the changes to Launchpad.

Please email the Ubuntu Manual mailing list at
<ubuntu-manual at lists.launchpad.net> if you are interested in
contributing as an editor, and let us know if there is a particular
section or chapter you'd like to review. We also need to know if you
want to only check style and proofread, or also directly modify the
LaTeX code and commit it to the code repository as well. If you only
want to proofread, other team members will check the LaTeX code and
push changes.

Our milestone for having the bulk of the editing complete is 15 June.
Shortly after that, we'll release a draft of the manual for public
review and incorporate any edits and proofreader notes that we
receive.  We expect to publish the final draft at the end of June.

One of the main reasons for the delay in publishing the previous
edition of the manual was the lack of editors, so we would be very
pleased if we can get more editors involved.

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