New dates for the Ubuntu Membership Boards meetings -- the 22:00 meeting

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Tue Jun 12 18:50:30 UTC 2012

Hello all,

We now have a partial schedule for the Ubuntu Membership Boards
meetings. To make life easier to all, we decided to move from regional
(Americas, EMEA, Asia/Oceania) board meetings to a time-based schedule.
We have already decided on Thursdays for the 22:00 UTC, on the first
and third weeks of the month:

* 1st Thursday of the Month: 22:00 UTC meeting
* 3rd Thursday of the month: 22:00 UTC meeting
* On months with five (or, who knows, more) Thursdays, the fifth one
  will have no MB meeting.

With this schedule, this June 21st will have the 22:00 UTC meeting
(third Thursday of June); from July on, we will have the full monthly
schedule as above.

The 12:00 UTC meeting is in the final stages of agreements, and should
be announced in the next few days.

* How to apply for Ubuntu membership: instructions are given at
* Current Candidates: please see

Please do not hesitate in contacting us on any questions or doubts, at
ubuntu-membership-boards at



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