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Fri Nov 18 11:01:07 UTC 2011


Am 15.11.2011 19:10, schrieb Elizabeth Krumbach:
> Currently we put all details on how to submit on:
> (but maybe improvements
> can be made here since it's unclear whether people even manage to get
> to this page itself).

I'll have a look at it in a bit.

> And in the Feedback section of every issue, eg:
> And lately one of us blogs about it at least once per cycle
> But I'd say the way we get most contributors is by personally
> approaching people throughout the community to participate, both Amber
> and I have pulled people from our LoCo teams, and I regularly approach
> the Ubuntu Women and Ubuntu Beginners teams for help.

This sounds like a good idea to me.

Maybe could be a bit more explicit
about the tasks and contributions we're after? Maybe also encourage
folks to join the channel and mailing list and introduce themselves if
they'd like to be reporters?

>>  - could share the infrastructure for both weekly and weekly dev news
>> Sharing the resources sounds like not so much a problem if there's few
>> folks using them, maybe I could ask people to start their submissions
>> with [dev]. Some of them might even be interesting for the weekly news.
> Sounds like a good idea, what infrastructure pieces does dev news currently use?

None. It's basically just me doing it on my own, a couple of tomboy
notes, that's it. :-)

Which is why I want to fix it, advertise a submission process and get
others involved to help out.

Have a great day,

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