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Wed May 11 15:03:18 UTC 2011

Quoting "Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" <jonathan at ubuntu.com>:

> Hi News Team
> Things have been way too quiet and I think it's about time that another
> UWN release is pushed! Some people feel that weekly is too frequent, and
> that it's better to have no releases rather than an imperfect release. I
> strongly disagree.
> IMHO it's better that we get it rolling again and rather have something
> that can gradually improve rather than try to get it perfect from the
> start. I realise that I have some catching up that I need to do to
> since the last release (anyone have a link to the reader feedback?) so
> if there's something huge that I missed, please give me some feedback.
> I have some time to dedicate to UWN over the next few months so even
> though some regulars won't have the time, I can commit to provide some
> continuity for the mid-term.
> I'm going ahead and scheduling a meeting. please choose the times that's
> convenient to you or feel free to poke me if none of them work for you!
> Here's the doodle link:
> http://www.doodle.com/cq8iawmipru42u3m#table
> Please choose a time that would suite you by the end of the week so that
> it can be announced before the actual meeting.
> Have a good day!
> -Jonathan

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make a meeting this/next week, but I'd like to suggest maybe integrating certain parts of UWN (if it went monthly, for example) into Full Circle (http://fullcirclemagazine.org). Obviously UWN would/could release on its own as it did before.

I couldn't put all of UWN into Full Circle, but if someone from UWN could forward me parts of the UWN (whichever parts the submitter thought were best) I could add them to the magazine each month. Amber was doing something similar with Ubuntu News before she bowed out.

Just an idea  :)

All the best!

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