UWN #220 for May 23

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Wed May 11 12:33:39 UTC 2011

Hi News Team

Things have been way too quiet and I think it's about time that another
UWN release is pushed! Some people feel that weekly is too frequent, and
that it's better to have no releases rather than an imperfect release. I
strongly disagree.

IMHO it's better that we get it rolling again and rather have something
that can gradually improve rather than try to get it perfect from the
start. I realise that I have some catching up that I need to do to
since the last release (anyone have a link to the reader feedback?) so
if there's something huge that I missed, please give me some feedback.

I have some time to dedicate to UWN over the next few months so even
though some regulars won't have the time, I can commit to provide some
continuity for the mid-term.

I'm going ahead and scheduling a meeting. please choose the times that's
convenient to you or feel free to poke me if none of them work for you!

Here's the doodle link:

Please choose a time that would suite you by the end of the week so that
it can be announced before the actual meeting.

Have a good day!


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