OpSource now supports Ubuntu on cloud hosting platform

Keao Caindec kcaindec at opsource.net
Wed Nov 17 14:33:24 GMT 2010

Ubuntu News Team,

We wanted to give you a heads up that the OpSource Cloud now supports
Ubuntu.  OpSource provides cloud and managed hosting services in a
high-performance and secure environment suitable for businesses running
mission-critical apps in the cloud.  Our cloud services have a number of
flexible and competitive pricing models: pay-as-you-go (by the hour) and
monthly.  We also have a very robust RESTful API to control cloud servers,
storage and cloud-based networks.

Attached is the press release.  For more information on OpSource, visit:

If you could post this news to the Fridge and/or Ubuntu Forums, that would
be great.  We look forward to participating in the Ubuntu community.


S. Keao Caindec
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer
OpSource, Inc.
+1-408-567-2006 office
+1-415-307-7324 mobile
kcaindec at opsource.net
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