Results from the June 18th America's Membership Board meeting

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Sun Jun 20 18:45:48 BST 2010

The approval results from the June 18th Americas Membership meeting are 
as follows:

Giovanni Chiazzese |

Giovanni is an active member of the Ubuntu IRC community and acts as an 
Operator in the #ubuntu channel. Additionally, he is working on getting 
the Code of Conduct translated into multiple languages, starting with 
French. He has also done much with initiating and working on translations 
with the Ubuntu-Women's wiki.

André Brandão |

André is one of the most prolific and helpful members of the Ubuntu 
Brazil mailing lists with over 500 posts for the first 5 months of 2010. 
When not reading and answering email he participates in the Brazilian 
Documentation Team and starting a Brazilian Portugeuse Accessible 
derivative of Ubuntu, Linux Acessível.

Scott Lavender |

Scott is a busy contributor to the Ubuntu Studio project with bug 
reports, documentation, mailing list help, Main Inclusion Reports, and 
packaging backports. Scott also works closely with the Debian Multimedia.

Ayrton Araújo |

Ayrton provides much support for local hackfests in Brazil along with his 
work on the Brazil Documentation Team. He is an active member of the 
Ubuntu Brazil team where helps organize meetings and advocate for Free 

Jos Boumans |

Jos is the Engineer Manager for the Ubuntu Server Team and has been 
contributing to Free Software for many years with such projects as Perl 
(2% of the core code), Memcached, and Varnish. He works closely with the 
Debian Perl team and coordinates much effort between Debian and Ubuntu in 
the areas he works.

Paul Larson |

Paul does much work with QA in Ubuntu with participation in the Bug 
Control team, 5-a-day, and ISO Testing. He is also one of the brave 
Texans trying to coordinate one of the largest (by surface area) LoCo 
teams through engagement in events such as Texas Linux Fest.

Please join me in welcoming these great new Ubuntu Members!

|       Greg Grossmeier |
| |

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