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Tue Jul 6 12:20:22 BST 2010


PSPP is a free program for statistical analysis of data, a onensource
clone of SPSS/PASW.

PSPP can perform several data transformation (including recoding,
weighting and handling of missing values), compute descriptive
statistics (frequencies, descriptive statistics), compute crosstabs and
explore tables, T-tests (one sample T-test, independent samples T-test,
paired samples T-test) and one-way ANOVA, bivariate correlationlinear
regression, factor analysis (Principal Component Analysis and Principal
Axis Factoring), Chronbach Alpha (reliability measure), ROC curve and
some non-parametric tests (Chi-square and Binominal).

PSPP supports over 1 billion cases and over 1 billion variables, syntax
and data files are compatible with SPSS, it is cross platform and Free
Software, licensed under GPLv3 or later. You can run PSPP command line
interface (pspp) or graphical interface (psppire). The official PSPP
website is located at

We are providing Ubuntu binary packages of development version here:

And here is a wiki page:

Is it possible to present PSPP in Ubuntu Weekly or some other similar



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