Results from the 6th of July Asia-Oceania Membership Board Meeting

Matthew Lye matthew.lye at
Tue Jul 6 12:10:39 BST 2010

The approval results from the May 28th Asia-Oceanic Membership meeting are
as follows:

*Benjamin Humphrey*

Benjamin Humphrey is a 20 year old student from New Zealand. As well as
helping out with Ubuntu he has a pilots licence, is a hobbyist photographer
and plays several instruments. You might also know him as the founder and
leader of the Ubuntu Manual project and a contributor to various other parts
of the ubuntu ecosystem. He would love it if you all check out his manual - and the new Support and Learning
Center -


Oneleaf is a key player in the Ubuntu landscape in China. He is the
co-founder of the Ubuntu China LoCo and created the site. He
is also an advocate for the use of Ubuntu within the Chinese governement
with some excellent success stories. Thanks to all the people who voiced
their support for Oneleaf. Its been a while since I've seen that many
testimonials for any person. Its a testimant to the work he does within

Congradulations to all our new members.

-Matthew Lye

Leadership is responsibility, not priviledge, Action, not position,
Guidance, not knowledge, and outcome, not disposition.
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