Edubuntu members and Edubuntu Developer

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Dec 15 18:43:30 GMT 2010

Hi Edubuntu Developers

We welcome the following Edubuntu members. They are both existing Ubuntu
members who have been involved in Edubuntu and have recently applied for

Belinda Lopez:
Michael Hall:

I initially wrote "new" Edubuntu members in this email, but they already
feel like old-timers so it felt right removing it!

Michael Hall also applied for edubuntu-dev status, which allows
uploading to the Edubuntu package set. Michael received 4 votes in
favour and is now an official Edubuntu Developer.

Thanks to both members for their involvment and we look forward to their
continued contributions!

-Jonathan on behalf of the Edubuntu Council

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