Question about licenses of UWN

Naruhiko Ogasawara naruoga at
Fri Dec 10 04:46:13 GMT 2010

Hi list,

I'm using Ubuntu almost 3 years so I always read your work
(UWN) with happiness (except to luck of my English skill).
Thanks for all of your awesome works.

And I also work as translator of openSUSE weekly news (OWN)
to Japanese, so I want to exchange some know-how about
translation work.

Anyway, I have a quick question.
In UWN, for example:
there is license notice. In this, we have:

"Except where otherwise noted, content on *this site* is
licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License"

# *emphasis* is added by me

In my feeling, "this site" seem quite ambiguous word.
Where is this site? something

I feel the word "this issue" in The Fridge is better.
Is there some reason?

I have no time to check all of ML archives, so please
forgive me if it is repeated question.

Naruhiko Ogasawara (naruoga at

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