I blog about Ubuntu Linux - can I request a review for inclusion of my content on The Fridge

Dave Bush myrtlebeachbums at ubuntu.com
Wed Apr 28 14:14:24 BST 2010

Hey Dave,
     One thing I can do for you is add your blog to my regular RSS feeds for
possible inclusion in Ubuntu Weekly News. I regularly scan a number of feeds
for Ubuntu related news, and blogs like yours have the potential to be
included in UWN's "In The Blogosphere."

     I'll be reviewing your latest, and potentially including it in Ubuntu
Weekly News # 191. Issue # 191 will be published Sunday at this link:

- Dave Bush

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 8:03 PM, David Hart <thinkhard at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I blog about Ubuntu Linux at
> http://www.kzenpragmaticist.org/search/label/Ubuntu (my most recent entry
> is quoted below).
> Can I / how do I request a review for inclusion of my content on The
> Fridge?
> Cheers,
> -dave
>>  Why Ubuntu Linux will WIN<http://www.kzenpragmaticist.org/2010/04/why-ubuntu-linux-will-win.html>(2010-04-28)
> *NB: this is NOT in a zero-sum game, so the term 'win' must be taken in
>> that context!*
>> *IMO: Mark Shuttleworth thoroughly noodled out last year *exactly *how
>> and why Canonical is NOT competing directly with Microsoft; rather, as Linas
>> Torvals commented in 2003,"*Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft.
>> That will just be a completely unintentional side effect,"* Shuttleworth
>> figured out that Canonical's best strategy is to **out-Apple Apple*.
>> So, Why will Ubuntu Linux *WIN*? *(5-year horizon win)***
>> Steve Jobs is a dying lunatic (sure, he's a genius but, as history teaches
>> us, lunacy and genius are NOT mutally exclusive), while Mark Shuttleworth is
>> a young, healty and imminently rational super-achiever on a mission. Not to
>> mention that this super-achiever leads a flock of thousands of opensource
>> developers  (plus others) dedicated to the success of Ubuntu Linux, while
>> the lunatic tries to hold together an over-supervised staff that live in
>> fear. NB: this is *CLSASSIC* Bazaar vs Cathredal stuff.
>> Mind you, I have NO doubt that Apple will continue to see record profits
>> AND grow its marketshare year-on-year for the forseable future.
>> But, so will Canonical (with, in my estimation, Ubuntu achieving
>> marketshare parity with OS X within 5 years); it is THIS suprise market
>> disruption will be Microsoft's undoing.
>> *Ubuntu Linux: Mac 'for the rest of us'*
>   Posted by David Hart  at 9:15 AM<http://www.kzenpragmaticist.org/2010/04/why-ubuntu-linux-will-win.html>
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Dave Bush
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