Ubuntu Open Week Summary

John Crawford johnc4510 at cox.net
Sun May 3 18:30:20 BST 2009

=== Ubuntu Open Week Review ===

Ubuntu Open Week finished up last Friday, and as usual, it was a great 5 
days of sessions geared toward helping the community get involved. Open 
Week kicks off the start of each new release in development. With Jaunty 
Jackalope released, and the announcement of Karmic Koala in development 
its the perfect time to get the community together. Ubuntu Open Week 
gives the community an introduction to many of the Ubuntu Teams that 
help make Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Community what they are.

One of the most looked forward to, and highly attended sessions was of 
course, the Q&A session with the leader of Ubuntu, Mark 
Shuttleworth(sabdfl), but the list of prominent Ubuntu community members 
hosting sessions was, as always, impressive. You can find the logs of 
all the Ubuntu Open Week Seesions here: 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek just scroll down the page to "The 
Timetable" header and click on any session title to read the logs.

I haven't seen any blog or news articles on Open Week yet, so i wrote up 
the summary above. I'm going to add this to the UWN today if it's ok 
with everyone. Let me know in a timely manner as I'll be publishing in 
about 3 or 4 hours from now. thanks


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