Results from the March 6th Americas Membership Board Meeting

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at
Sun Mar 8 14:02:13 GMT 2009

The approval results from Friday's Americas Membership meeting are as follows:

Charlie Kravetz

Charlie is from Idaho, USA and has been using Ubuntu since 5.04. He is
the Quality Assurance lead for Xubuntu, a role which involves a
considerable amount of bug triage and testing. As such, he is an
active member of ubuntu-bugsquad and bug-control. He also spends a
considerable amount of time in the #xubuntu channel helping users.

Martin Owens

Martin operates the approved Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo team and lead
the Ubuntu Case Badges initiative in 2007 and recently worked with
ZaReason to launch another run of badges. Currently he is involved in
bringing local Community centers into a Learn to Teach, Teach to learn
project, where FOSS and Ubuntu are taught to students who are then
encouraged to teach others.

Nick Fox

Nick has been using Ubuntu since 6.04 and working on the Mythbuntu
project since the 7.04 development cycle. He is currently a Mythbuntu
core dev, and has helped to support, improve upon, and generate new
code in an effort to make the user experience better and management of
the MythTV and Ubuntu based systems easier. He also makes a continuing
effort to support the community in ways to help promote bringing new
users into the Ubuntu community.

Thomas G Mashos

Thomas is a Mythbuntu developer and been using Ubuntu since Edgy. He
actively supports users in the #ubuntu-mythtv support channel.
Currently much of his effort is focused on working with Mythbuntu on
getting MythTV related things packaged and into the repos, or at least
a PPA.  He also runs development version of Mythbuntu and spends time
fixing bugs as he encounters them.

Matthew Lye

Matthew has been using Ubuntu since mid 2007, and works on developing
Ubuntu images for large scale education environments. He is an active
member of the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team Education and IRC help
groups, preparing tutorials and teaching materials for the Beginners
Team to use to help new users understand Ubuntu and preform complex
tasks. Currently he is focused on helping new users and Ubuntu for
education environments, and eventually hopes to contribute in
improving the user experience of Ubuntu starting with bug work.

John Baab

John hails from Pennsylvania, USA and has been using Ubuntu as his
primary OS since 2004. He has spent the past two years as an active
member of the Mythbuntu development team, he works upstream and is the
maintainer of MythExport in the Ubuntu repos. He intends to continue
his work with Mythbuntu and MythExport and has recently joined the
Pennsylvania LoCo team.

Andrew Rufkahr

Andrew has been an active contributor to the Ubuntu Forums Beginners
Team for about two and a half years. He regularly helps users both on
the forums and in IRC, and has developed and hosted several Python
courses through the Beginners Team Education Focus group. His future
plans involve hosting more courses and getting involved more heavily
in Python-related development within Ubuntu.

We're very happy to welcome all these fantastic new members to the project!

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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