[ubuntu-mythtv] Need help for second pass cleanup of 'mythtv' package completed

Marc Randolph mrand at pobox.com
Sat Aug 29 00:32:11 BST 2009

Howdy all,

In prep for 0.22, Mario asked for some help.  I've tried to sort the
bugs in the 'mythtv' bucket that I felt relatively certain about, but
there remains a few of them that I'm not.  If everyone could spend
even a few minutes looking over a few of them, I'll bet that the list
would slim down quite a bit even from where it is.

The following link opens the short list of tickets that are not marked
incomplete (hence could use some action either moving them forward, or
else adding justification for why they are incomplete or invalid):


A few of the tickets have comments about pending fixes, but most of
those comments were from more than six months ago.  Those are
especially the ones that could use some of your help with - I'd hope
that not much work would be required to finish them off so we could
get them to "fix released".

Thank you!


P.S.  Upstream has been doing a good job of dropping the 0.22 bug
count.  In the week since the freeze for 0.22 was announced, it has
dropped from low 170's to 112.  I expect progress to slow some as they
get the easy ones out of the way, but at least it is going the right

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