[ubuntu-mythtv] mythfrontend wont start after suspend (illegal instruction)

mindoms at aon.at mindoms at aon.at
Sat Apr 25 21:22:24 BST 2009


Im new to mailing lists and hope this is the right place for my problem.

Ive configured an older laptop (acer aspire 1300, athlon mobile, jaunty) as frontend and everything works fine. But after suspend/resume mythfrontend  dies with: \"illegal instruction\"

I only installed mythtv-frontend and some plugins, not the whole mythbuntu-package.
On a fresh ubuntu 9.04

mythfrontend -v all output is at:
(the last line is missing, where says \"illegal instruction\"

firefox, mplayer work fine.
i can connect to mythconverg on the backend using mysql from a terminal

output of ps -A and lsmod seems to be the same before and after suspend.

no lines add to dmesg, when mythfrontend fails to start

Thanks in advance for any help.

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