[ubuntu-my] New project to promote Ubuntu on OEM PCs in Malaysia

Ghodmode ghodmode at ghodmode.com
Thu Jun 2 15:20:37 UTC 2011

Hmmm... this idea sounds

I would be very happy to help.  I'm in Kota Kinabalu and I'm an active
member of the KKLUG / SOSG.  I always have the latest ISOs of 32-bit and
64-bit Ubuntu as well as a few other distros.  I have experience with
installation and administration / support / troubleshooting.  I've been
using Linux since 2000.  I'm a web developer, but I'm not currently working
on any large-scale projects.

I'm American, but I can speak Malay fairly well.  I have a brand new baby
daughter and I'm still searching for the API documentation for babies :), so
this might limit my availability somewhat.

If' you think there's a way I can help out, just let me know and I'll send
my personal contact information.

Thank you.


On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 5:14 PM, Jeremy Malcolm <jeremy at ciroap.org> wrote:

>  Largely reposting from the foss.org.my list (so please excuse me if you
> have read it already), I'm announcing the launch of a project to promote the
> distribution of Ubuntu on low-spec OEM PCs in place of FreeDOS.  It is
> funded and will be led by FOMCA, the Federation of Malaysian Consumer
> Organisations, in partnership with local FOSS people, including I hope the
> Ubuntu Malaysia group!
> The objective of the project is to convince the OEMs and computer retailers
> who are distributing PCs and laptops with FreeDOS (or, less commonly, with a
> version of LInux that boots to the command line), to ship them with Ubuntu
> instead.
> I have nothing against FreeDOS, but it is obviously not remotely useful for
> most people.  In reality the only reason why such a useless operating system
> is preloaded is because users are expected to replace it with a pirated copy
> of Windows immediately.
> Instead if these units were shipped with Ubuntu, users booting it up for
> the first time or playing with it at the dealer would be struck by the fact
> that, actually here is a really damned good operating system and maybe there
> is no need to replace it with a pirated version of Windows at all.
> What is needed is for a person or team from the FOSS community to make a
> project of liaising with OEMs and retailers to explain how easy it is to
> preload Ubuntu, to present their customers with an attractive, useable
> computer right out of the box, at no cost to the OEM or the user, and at the
> same time discouraging piracy of Windows.
> As I mentioned, FOMCA will be leading a project along these lines and would
> be keen to cooperate very closely with Ubuntu Malaysia volunteers.  We do
> have some funding for project expenses.  So please contact me on or off list
> if you are interested in participating, and I will send more information.
> By the way, if your first question is "who the hell are you", well I'm a
> Debian developer and Ubuntero working in Kuala Lumpur for Consumers
> International leading its global campaign on Access to Knowledge (A2K -
> which includes FOSS advocacy).  My desktop here at Consumers International
> runs Natty and last year I printed off a thousand Maverick DVDs to
> distribute with a book on A2K.
> I look forward to working with some of you on this project!
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> authoritative global voice for consumers. With over 220 member organisations
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> protect and empower consumers everywhere.
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