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MyGOSSCON 2009 Call for Papers

Malaysian Government Open Source Conference (MyGOSSCON) provides a
national platform to share experiences and information technology
updates on open source software for the government and industry. You
are invited to submit papers for presentation in the conference.

Submit you talk for MyGOSSCON 2009 now!


*** Topics of interest (but are not limited to)

    * OSS provides a competitive advantage for organization or company
    * Successful Case study on OSS implementation
    * Latest Trends in OSS
    * OSS implementation of open document standard
    * OSS, preparing meets the Technical Human Capital demands
    * Software As A Service
    * Security
    * Database
    * Next Generation Data Center
    * Network Communication
    * Mobile Computing
    * Practical Software Development
    * Open Bioinformatics
    * Open Source in Defense Industry
    * Cloud Computing
    * Social Networking
    * Legal services/IPR
    * Knowledge Base Society
    * Going to Open Source: Essential Guidelines
    * Case Study: Bridging Digital Divide
    * Case Study: Starting up Open Source business
    * Case Study: Commercialisation of Open Source solution

Call for paper submission procedure:

    * Submission of synopsis for proposed paper and speaker biodata

          o Speaker’s biodata
                + Full name of presenter with contact number and email address
                + Liaison officer (if any) with contact number and email address
                + Speaker designation and organisation
                + Speaker biodata
                      # The information will used for website and
printed materials.
                + Submission without biodata will not be considered
          o Synopsis of paper
                + Title
                + Indicate if demonstration required
                + Sufficient synopsis for evaluation purposes
                + Please note that presentation must be able to fit 25
minutes speaking slot, including Q&A
          o Format of submission
                + Online submission of synopsis

    * Upon acceptance of paper, speaker are to submit:
          o Updated biodata with photo
          o Presentation materials in not more than 5 MB. Format being
ODP or PDF only

*** Evaluation criteria ***

1. Originality
Topics must be unique in perspective and viewpoint or way of doing something.

2. Timeliness and Interest
Topics must contain new and relevant material.

3. Educational Value
An objective presentation that meets the educational needs of the
audience is optimal to enhancing the credibility of the speaker, the
speaker’s employer and the conference.

4. Talks containing sales pitches will NOT be considered and may be
removed even if synopsis submission was accepted.
Notification of acceptance

*** Accepted applications will be notified and all presentation
materials must be submitted by the specified date. Please be aware of
the following:

1. Reference Materials are Required
Our audience appreciates receiving supporting documentation to enhance
their conference experience and serve as a reference when they return
to the office. (If you rely on live demonstrations, your reference
materials will be an outline of the demonstration with key reference

2. 100% Adherence to NO COMMERCIALISM Policy
The presentations at MyGOSSCON are NOT the appropriate place for
promoting your company, product, service or solution.

3. No Substitutions
Speaker and panelist substitutions are not allowed, except in the case
of an emergency. In the event that a speaker cannot fulfill his/her
commitment due to an emergency, a substitute may be submitted in
writing for approval, however this does not guarantee a speaking slot
for the substitute.

*** Important dates ***

15th September 2009 – Deadline for submission of proposed papers
29th September 2009 – Notification of acceptance to authors
19th October 2009 – Submission of full presentation material
5th & 6th November 2009 – Conference days

Email: mygosscon [at] oscc.org.my

or visit website for online form

MyGOSSCON Official Website


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