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Tue Jul 21 05:14:03 BST 2009

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Date: Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 4:03 PM
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OK bitbucket is up... hopefully develop.python.my will soon point to it.
 For now its

Source is up there.   Bitbucket also has an issue tracker which we can
use to log feature requests for the site.  So please go ahead an use
that.  It's a good idea to also send the request to the group mailing
list as well.

To add new feature requests (called proposals in bitbucket) just go to this url:


put in your proposal, be sure to change the type to proposal and not
bug or feature.  That way we can assign them to developers, track
progress and all that jazz.

So whoever has feature requests put 'em in. :)  And whoever wants to help
develop the site let me know, send to the list and we will work out how to
assign appropriate access to everybody.

Cheers ya'll.


On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Marcus <marcus at python.my> wrote:

> Hi,
> Many thanks to Jeremy for migrating the site to Google. Ok folks, its done!
> www.python.my is now pointing to an app in GAE.
> gae.python.my now points to the site/login for GAE.
> ** Sorting out the bitbucket site with Jeremy on this, we probably will
> point develop.python.my to it.
> Now that this is done...... where are the feature list ! ;-) I do notice
> there are many willing coders, but where are the
> ideas for the features?
> Pls provide suggestion on how the site should look like, what sections
> to display, blog features?
> I suggest that one section of the site that must be up is
> "tutorial/introduction" to python esp more geared towards the local
> developers here, eg more relevant info
> on local python development or Asia/Pac.
> Here are my first feature list request :-
> - a feature to provide uploading and displaying of articles/news/events
> which will be displayed on the relevant main page/section (tag driven?)
> - a feature to grab news from the above and spam it to pythonmy twitter
> (SweeMeng, you can't get away from this suggestion u made!)
> Marcus.

Jeremy Johnson

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