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Mohamad Faizul mypiju at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 12:39:49 BST 2008

i think gunblade is suitable to be our new leader
anyone ?

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 11:26 AM, zarul shahrin <zarulshahrin at gmail.com>

> Hai
> I have a thought about it, I don't really agree with this election thing..
> One thing about election is, the better you talk and the better social
> skills you have, then you will be a leader.. even if in reality, there are
> more people spending all their time working for the community..
> But these people are boring geeks, they don't organize BBQ instead they
> spend their time replying emails to people who asked for their help.
> Election is all about, how many you know instead of how much you have
> contributed. Atleast, this is true in Malaysia.
> I hate politics , most of the politicians are just good at making promises
> and finding/spotting other people mistakes. They are good at making people
> think they are angels, while the current leaders are Devils.  Most of them
> don't care about the people, they just lied so that they can rise to power
> and when they rise to power, you will realized how much of what they said
> before were nothing more than lies so that they can be at the top...
> I am sorry, but I don't wish to have politics or politician here... The
> kind of leader that I dream of is a leader with a proven background, a
> background in helping the people... I am stubborn person, I am no longer
> gonna be the leader of this group, and it has already have much problem..
> But I do not wish to see it being a complete destruction... I might not be a
> good leader and I learned a lot from my experience and pretty much tell me
> what kind of person should lead this group.... I founded the local group,
> that something you can't deny.. I am not boasting.. but that's fact... as a
> founder,  I don't want to see what I started being destroyed, I am willing
> to go because I think I am not good enough or have enough experience to lead
> this group anymore, and I wish someone who is more experienced to lead the
> group and not someone who is popular but lacking in term of experience and
> knowledge and skills of a leader..
> I am going to come out with the list of people who have been contributing
> and supporting Ubuntu for the past few years.. they are not popular people,
> but they are old and experienced enough to lead the group...  I normally
> don't use my power to decide, but this will be the first and the last for
> me.. For the good of this community...
> Zarul
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 9:29 PM, Syamsul Anuar <anuar at vastalux.com.my>
> wrote:
>> Salam / Greetings All,
>> Zarul, Thanks for all your contribution and we respect your decision.
>> Its time for the new leadership to take your legacy and move forward the
>> Ubuntu Malaysia community towards better tomorrow.
>> I for one suggest there should be an election for new leadership,
>> complete with some campaigning as I think the Malaysia general public
>> nowadays dont embrace "peralihan kuasa" (read: something got to do with
>> Pak Lah.. ) but a fair and democratic constitution is the way forward.
>> I will always lend my support to my beloved Linux Community.
>> Regards,
>> -wariola-
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