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Donald P Kong dkong at streamyx.com
Wed Aug 13 16:36:06 BST 2008

On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 16:55 +0200, f.van.der.star at hetnet.nl wrote:
> Hi,
> Everybody thanks for all the messages and contributions to the item
> Dell - Ubuntu.
> I have proposed to the Dell Organization to distribute lap- and
> desktops for Ubuntu in Malaysia and - if possible - to other Asian
> countries.
> Untill now not any reaction. It is possible that Dell has obligations
> towards Microsoft regarding other Operation Systems in other regions.
> If so then they have to be open about that!!
it is possible that Dell does not bother doing this as Malaysia does not
have strong consumer protection laws against such practices as forcing
the consumer to pay for something he/she doesn't want. unlike the
countries you listed below.

> I have proposed to Dell to make promotion in Low Yat (as volunteer)
> with the Dell machine and Ubuntu. Why they don't react is not clear to
> me.
> What a possiblity is just go to Dell Cyber Jaya and ask the managing
> director how about this.
well.. that would be interesting. considering that Dell supports Ubuntu
for their laptops and offers it on the M1330 in other countries but not

> What you all need to know is that the "Ubuntu-Dell"-machines are just
> available in a few countries. As far as I know these ones:
> - Germany
> - France
> - Great britain
> - USA (not sure)
> - Italy (not sure)
> - Netherlands
> Another issue is the video-codecs:
> I proposed to integrate all the video-linux-W32-codecs into the
> vm-player; kaffeine; xlc-player software
> Now you have to download by hand supplementary software - Medibuntu -
> (especially RMVB (Chinese Discuss.com))
i don't think Ubuntu allows these codecs to be included in the
distribution CD. it is a little task to add the Medibuntu repo and let
Totem fetch them if needed.

this would be considered the most secure way rather than exposing new
users to a script which could potentially do great harm by invoking the
"sudo" command without knowing what it the script is actually doing.

> The other issue of me is the ERP-software.
> Maybe you are not so interested in this item.
> Although if you are planning or really studying IT then this is a
> quite interesting discipline.
> In short it is quite complex to get running ERP-software because you
> have to install and configure quite a few dependencies.
> Maybe in future we can formate task-force for this - ideal would be
> with Malaysian qualified University -
> Advantages:
> - students can graduate in this quite complex field
> - students have the opportunity to promote themselves to bigger
> companies like DIGI Petronas etcetera
> - contribution to the Ubuntu-community
> - later contribution to all who are interesting in this
currently there are many ERP/CRM suites. i think Ubuntu includes
clients/server for TinyERP and Facturalux and getting other ERP/CRM
installed on Ubuntu is not extremely difficult. i have successfully
installed adempiere, openbravo, vtiger and sugarcrm on Debian/Ubuntu.

the problems usually lie in configuration/customization of ERP software
which usually are Java or PHP-based and that is beyond the scope of work
for system installers.

> Indeed Malaysia is a nice country. very nice.

Welcome to Malaysia!

> I only can say this: Be happy you live in Malaysia. Other neighbouring
> countries people's circumstances in every aspect are heavier!!
> For Me Malaysia is the Switzerland of Asia together with Singapore
> Hong Kong (maybe Taiwan and Korea and some parts of People's Republic
> of China).
> Again thank you all.
> And....take care.
> Greetings
> Frans van der Star
> Perak
> Malaysia



Donald P Kong


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