Hardy Alpha 4 Firefox 3 doesn't sort bookmarks

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Sat Feb 16 21:56:50 GMT 2008

Hi, I'm one of the myriad of people out here who've been downloading and trying early levels of Ubuntu since Feisty by doing the things an "ordinary user" would do.? I find some bugs, some of which get fixed which I think makes the effort worthwhile.? Some bugs don't get fixed, that is they are still around months or even a year later, and sometimes even when a bunch of us continue to have the same or similar problems.

Yesterday's update to Hardy Alpha 4 installed Firefox 3.? It's not ready for this user.? There doesn't seem to be any way to sort benchmarks on a list at the left of the screen.? On Firefox 2, I have pages and pages of benchmarks all sorted alphabetically and easy to find and remember.? There's a Firefox 3 search function but the list it produces isn't sorted alphabetically either.? Bookmarks on Firefox 3 are like cutting out all the words in a dictionary and throwing them in? a mixed pile on the floor.? Good luck.

What frosts me is that Firefox 2 was removed from my Hardy - I don't remember even being asked - and it is not even on Synaptic.? I don't mind trying Firefox 3, but when it isn't ready for this user, taking away what works is not acceptable.? That's a problem.

I tried downloading Firefox 2 from their website as a tar.gz however it was beyond me how to get it running.? I tried copying over a Firefox 2 from another partition but that had library problems, and I don't have the expertise for that.

So I'm dropping back to an earlier level of Hardy Alpha that still has Firefox 2, and do no updates at all.? If and when, or if ever, Firefox 2 shows up on Synaptic I'll try Hardy Alpha 4 and Firefox 3 again.

I tried asking on the Hardy Heron Forum but no one yet has an answer I can understand and implement (by the way, I worked 40 years as an IBM Computer Engineer and have been using pc's since 1982).

So long, Jerry

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