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Wed Jun 6 20:09:59 BST 2007

anything else you would like. Bug 110049 [2] should be updated as Fix
Committed soon as well (when Jen wakes up). I have updated the
bughelper clue file [3] wiki page with the latest changes and will
update the /Results [4] page once Daniel's cron job [5] has run the
latest bughelper clue file. (Is there a way to streamline this process
, it seems redundant to get his data and put it on a wiki page,
wouldn't it be better to just grab it from his sever? Thoughts?)

What this should mean is that once a  crash has come through, all you
need to do is retrace it and come back at some other hour and it will
be tagged "possible dup of #XXX" on Daniel's server. If it does not
get a possible dup output, you are probably dealing with a new/unknown
crash type.


Freddy Martinez
Ubuntu. Linux for human beings.

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