[Bug 228806] Re: [MASTER] various unrelated crashes for firefox-3.0 and xulrunner-1.9

Mike Cap vikingstork at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 05:30:20 UTC 2010

But my Firefox works fine, since i upped it to 3.6.6, it's just fine. This
is on top of the fact i don't have enough memory. I find that really
underhanded, that they don't give system requirements up front, so i was led
to upgrade to 10.04 only to find out later, it needs min. 1GB RAM. Sorry, (i
am also retiring), but to me 512MB is one hell of a lot of memory....
I only did it because since i upgraded from 8.04 up everything went wrong,
and i noticed they couldn't handle all the problems, so they rushed in a new
upgrade,  but my printer still wouldn't work, and no sound etc. So i kept
upgrading to these new distros that were coming at me at a dazzling speed,
and no improvement. Now it doesn't boot, and no help, i read on the forum a
lot of seasoned users were going back to "old" (i guess it was the "good old
one") version of grub, but it was pretty kinky to do it, so i didn't bother.
I still boot in recovery mode, it takes a bit longer, but it works. Except
no sound, no printer, language support all messed up (lucky i don't need
it), Power Management has a bug in it, i didn't bother posting all these, i
figger somebody will, and if they don't, it's obviously my fault. I have
ThinkPad, so i figger if it's a general bug, somebody else gonna have to
have same problem. Like it's not a special, custom machine...
But  i don't have any crash problems, even tho i have only half RAM as
recommended. Altho the nice person who answered my post, repeatedly
insinuated to check this or that, ignoring my pleas that i don't have any
crash problems, and stubbornly insisted i check my RAM, so i did, and it was
OK, i new that, i used to do hardware, and i know bad RAM poses random,
unpredictable problems. My were pretty solid and almost repeatable (firefox
crashes, mostly on BBC -- too much graphics, flash videos etc). But the new
Firefox is just fine for me, but nothing else works. No print (printer queue
setup failed -- there is several hundreds of posts on launch pad, so i
figger it would be superfluous to post another, SAME, problem. But i
remember it did work at some point, but i forget which distro it was, x-cept
USB never worked right, but the printer worked. But no it doesn't, progress,
i donno. I didn't even dare posting the USB bug. It's the CUPS, it's all
I used to write some code, back in DOS / win 3.xx days. In straight C, the
C++ was just new, and I looked into it, totally new paradigm, but then
destiny  moved me some where else and i could see i would never use it
again, so gave up on it.
But i would not go back to Windows, there is no way, these frustrations are
nothing compared to Winders, Gates is scam artist of our lifetime, and
everybody f-ing loves him, for ripping hundreds of BILLIONS from them, it's
outrageous. But it's not about money, it's about scam, my wife believes he
"he invented this little chip" and changed the computing world.
Well, he never invented anything in hardware dept., and he never really
learned how the hardware works, hence the whole tragi-comedy of early days
of programming.
Endless new versions of DOS (he didn't write DOS as everyone believes, he
bought it from Jim Patterson, and sold it to IBM on contract, reaping
endless money, right or wrong, if the DOS didn't work, he would come up with
a new version, but based on all the claimed "features" and improvements, he
sold it again, and all these buffoons bought it. and on and on. But it never
worked right , the first version that worked right  was 6.2 or something,
the last one he came out with. Same with Win3.xx. But the crowds cheered, as
he took them to cleaners for hundreds of BILLIONS !!!!!!
For that reason, i would never switch back to MS Win, in fact i have it on,
i have dual boot, but i only use it for my AutoCAD, and (for now) for
printing. Every time i go straighten up my wife's Win XP computer, i get so
impatient, all the crap that makes no sense, it just  infuriates me.
Personally (and i believe in freedom of choice) i don't see any possibility
of going back to MS Win., for one it's hearder and harder to STEAL, and it's
OUR AGE. I do not buy any Microsoft products, i STEAL them, and now i don't
even steal them, because they are useless.
You see, my problem is -- my CD drive conked out, else would have gone back
to distro 8.04, which was good and far superior to anything MS has ever
produced. I didn't even noticed if 8.04 has CUPS, i didn't need it till i
got my new printer.
And the way of going "live" USB, no luck, i can't make any of it work.
The deceived citizens never even noticed that anything that works, or works
well, is the outside software, the software MS bought out, rather than
trying to write it (which they never could do)

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 9:28 PM, shanen (Shannon Jacobs) <
228806 at bugs.launchpad.net> wrote:

> I have (at least twice) already used the supposedly automatic system to
> collect and submit the information that is supposed to diagnose these
> new Firefox problems. In the past, before I lost hope for Ubuntu, I also
> volunteered to undertake additional diagnostic measures or to run
> additional tests (within reason). I have seen possibly related problems
> in Firefox running on some of my other machines--even including one of
> the Windows boxen--but this particular machine is the only combination
> that is so utterly problematic.
> At this point I'm actually getting close to retirement. Maybe I'll even
> do some volunteer programming when I have the time, but at several
> periods in my career I was a professional programmer at various levels,
> so I know how difficult it is to write good code. Mostly at database
> levels, but sometimes as low as assembly. Unfortunately, I was only a
> second-string programmer--but that means I appreciate the value of
> first-string programmers and I know that they are worth paying for. My
> company even provides some programmers to support open source projects--
> but the truth is that we are going to tend to focus our precious first-
> string programmers on our most important projects...
> A browser that closes randomly is not very useful for serious work.
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