[Bug 283860] [NEW] severe firefox regression after system upgrade

ls colby ls.colby at gwirynybyd.com
Wed Oct 15 15:55:52 UTC 2008

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: firefox-2

At approx 1:30 am PST on october 15, 2008 I did a security  and system
upgrade indicated by the upgrade manager.  After the upgrade completed I
shut the system down.  The security upgrade applied to dbus et al and
the rest of the upgrade applied to the linux boot environment and
kernel; an upgrade from from to  This entire
upgrade was uneventful.

When the system was rebooted and firefox-2 started a severe regresion
was apparent.

Pages that were scrolled stuttered as the were redrawn and scrolling was
slow on every site I tested.  I created a new extension-less/addon-less
/theme-less profile and tested this regression on firefox-2 and
firefox-3. The regression was still present.  I rebooted the system into
opensolaris and the regression was not present on firefox-2, the only
firefox version I have installed on opensolaris.  This test on
opensolaris include running firefox-2 with all extensions enabled - the
same extensions I use on ubuntu - and with a new profile.  In both cases
performance was normal.

On my system, booting is controlled by grub installed by opensolaris.  I
modified this to ppoint to the boot and kernal environment for
ubuntu linux.

I rebooted the system into ubuntu linux and reran my tests on firefox.

The regression was no longer present.

As the dbus changes were still applied, I think the problem is with the
linux kernel environment.

I tested evolution, totem and gnome terminal on and the
regression was not apparent in these applications.

Interestingly I use an application called celtx - celtx.com - which is
an XUL application based on  firefox.  The scrolling regression  was not
prersent in this application.  Celtx is not an xulrunner application,
but uses firefox as its runtime environment. Activestate have a
development environment called komodo which is similar.  However, I have
not tested this application as I do not use this it.

The fix is to boot the previous kernel environment until you guys fix
this problem.

Get the word out - those affected will find this intolerable if they do
much web browsing.



** Affects: firefox (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

severe firefox regression after system upgrade
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