[Bug 122118] Re: Pressing Ctrl+W once closes all tabs, one by one

TuxFan markku.ekblom at cs.helsinki.fi
Tue Aug 7 20:40:33 UTC 2007

> I forgot to mention that I'm using Kubuntu, but the delay was 660 ms
and speed 25 chars/s. I pushed the delay now to 1200 ms. Let's see if it
helps on this issue...

It did not. GQview was skipping images a moment ago. And this time it
probably had a new record: it skipped about 115 images. :(

This "repeated keyboard commands" problem seems to be pretty easy to
reproduce with GQview. Just open a directory with lot of images, go to
full screen mode and start watching the images using Page Down. The
skipping has happend almost everytime for me when there has been several
hundreds of big images in the directory. (This time I had more than 400
images with total size of 570MB.)

One more note about Firefox: writing into textarea fields like this
doesn't have the problem. On Firefox I've only seen it when using
keyboard shortcuts.  I've seen it with the mentioned commands above and
also with F11 (full screen mode).  On the "search as you type" if I try
to search "something" I might end up with letter s 13 times on the
search (and a lot of "not found" beeps).  So the keyboard shortcuts are
handled somehow differently than normal writing to form fields... ?

My guess still is that the problem is in some library that both these
programs use...

Pressing Ctrl+W once closes all tabs, one by one
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