[Bug 95379] Re: firefox crashed [@nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers] [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewers] [@DocumentViewerImpl::Show]

Hilario J. Montoliu (hjmf) hmontoliu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 05:23:17 UTC 2007

Thank you René for your feedback.

I'm closing this report as it seems to be fixed for you, however if you
have more information you can reopen it at any time. Also in case we
catch any duplicate, we'll reopen this report too.

Thank you René for your contribution. Don't hesitate to submit new

H. Montoliu

** Summary changed:

- Firefox crashes
+ firefox crashed [@nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers] [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewers] [@DocumentViewerImpl::Show]

** Description changed:

+ ... Firefox crashes
  TESTCASE [needs verification/tester]
  Crash firefox by visiting website:
+ Extracted from symbolized stacktrace:
+ (file: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/8629224/gdb.log)
+ ...
+ #3  <signal handler called>
+ #4  nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers (this=0x8d79610, aFromIndex=0, aToIndex=44) at nsSHistory.cpp:800
+ #5  nsSHistory::EvictContentViewers (this=0x8d79610, aPreviousIndex=0, aIndex=44) at nsSHistory.cpp:653
+ #6  DocumentViewerImpl::Show (this=0x920c188) at nsDocumentViewer.cpp:1868
+ #7  nsPresContext::EnsureVisible (this=0x9214680, aUnsuppressFocus=0) at nsPresContext.cpp:1310
+ #8  PresShell::UnsuppressAndInvalidate (this=0x8d8cb00) at nsPresShell.cpp:5086
+ #9  PresShell::UnsuppressPainting (this=0x8d8cb00) at nsPresShell.cpp:5134
+ #10 PresShell::sPaintSuppressionCallback (aTimer=0x9c73c40, aPresShell=0x91bd9f0) at nsPresShell.cpp:2996
+ #11 nsTimerImpl::Fire (this=0x9c73c40) at nsTimerImpl.cpp:394
+ #12 handleTimerEvent (event=0xb0105728) at nsTimerImpl.cpp:459
+ ...

** Tags added: mt-needtestcase mt-waitdup

** Tags removed: mt-needreport mt-needsummary mt-needtester

** Changed in: firefox (Ubuntu)
       Status: Incomplete => Invalid

firefox crashed [@nsSHistory::EvictWindowContentViewers] [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewers] [@DocumentViewerImpl::Show]
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