[Bug 89704] Re: No backport of Firefox 2.o to Dapper

Kilz deletebox at comcast.net
Sat Apr 28 04:57:31 UTC 2007

I know its possible to install a 32bit Firefox on the amd64 version. I wrote one of the howto's you have linked to. But that doesnt solve some problems. One is that you cant print a page from the 32bit browser. Another is that in kde the browser doesnt use some of the themes. There are also other problems. 
But you have linked to the solution, and the problem. The solution is nspluginwrapper. It has gotten better. But Firefox 1.5 64bit in Dapper is now at end of life. IMHO that is a major problem because the browser isnt being patched any more. Mozilla is strongly recommending everyone to upgrade.
You also mention that nspluginwrapper is going to be avilable in Gutsy 64 soon. Nspluginwrapper is now good enough that we might be able to stop using a hacked in 32bit browser. But just as its ready, the browser in Dapper becomes a problem.
Some people like myself relied on what was promised about Dapper. That it would get support untill 2009 on the desktop. This is a major test imho, a test of if we can trust what we were told. A test that Im sure other people are looking at, as Dapper was the first long term release. Will the developers and Canonical deliver on what was promised, or will they wait untill something blows up in their faces? Because if they do, they might lose a lot of creditability. Once you loose that, it can be hard to regain.
Believe me, if I could find a 64bit version that would work for dapper or could compile one on dapper I would have already made it available. But the 64bit binaries are not available from Mozilla. I have an error when trying to compile that wont go away and no one has answered the posts I have made about the compiling errors on the english forums.

No backport of Firefox 2.o to Dapper
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