[Bug 107247] Re: cursor-key navigation in bugs broken with Firefox

Diogo Matsubara matsubara at async.com.br
Thu Apr 19 12:29:51 UTC 2007

** Description changed:

  I'm used to being able to click in the body text of a bug and then use
  the up and down cursor keys to scroll the whole page up and down. As of
  today's Launchpad rollout (but not before), I instead get an I-beam
  cursor positioned where I clicked, and then the up and down cursor keys
  move that cursor up and down, which is significantly less useful -
  existing bug comments (for example) shouldn't be editable so an I-beam
  cursor is inappropriate.
  Moving to a different tab in Firefox and then moving back again seems to
  restore normal cursor-key behaviour, so I'm not ruling out a Firefox
  bug, but I haven't upgraded Firefox recently and this behaviour only
  started today.
+ Steps to reproduce:
+ 1. open a bug page
+ 2. click once in the bug page
+ 3. press the Up or Down arrow keys.
+ Bug 107376 might be the cause

cursor-key navigation in bugs broken with Firefox
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