[Bug 103618] Re: [Feisty] Firefox Crash amd64

Kevin Gabbert kevin at kevingabbert.com
Fri Apr 6 20:09:46 UTC 2007

I don't remember what every keystroke was, but I wasn't flitting around
to anything other than FF & VMWare.

 I had rebooted beacuse i was having computer issues. occasionally in
Feisty, for me, things just "get unconfigured", like my VMWare did. I
don't move around folders or fuss with anything once they are set it up,
so I don't think it was user idiocy (which we all have been guilty of in
the past)

I rebooted because Add/Remove had crashed. My anecdotal evidence i have
to present is that everytime Add/Remove has problems, then things get

 When I rebooted, I went into Firefox, then while it was loading up a
web page I tried to launch VMWare, the launcher didn't work. so I tried
the console, and the console told me it was unconfigured. So I started
fixing that when Firefox dropped.

My gut tells me it was perhaps a result of that previous crash before my

As far as plugins/extensions, I have adblock & the download statusbar on
firefox.unfortuately i can't. I'm too much of a noob to know where to
find a list of them.


[Feisty] Firefox Crash amd64
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