antlr4-cpp-runtime bump on focal/impish?

Pavel Nasevich fallenchromium at
Fri Mar 25 11:02:57 UTC 2022

Hello :)
I would like to ask for help, because I am not sure what to do with my
situation. I've had a big headache recently with one of the packages copied
from Debian's sid, the libantlr4-runtime and runtime-dev. We are using the
latest LTS on our project to ensure stability of our open-source software
releases, but the problem is, we can't migrate to a superior build process
because this package doesn't provide CMake definitions.
I've contacted Debian's maintainer and he was very kind to fix that issue
almost instantly (see, and it's now in
sid, but I am not sure when this update will migrate to Ubuntu, or if I
could install it at all through official repositories of "focal". The
maintainer updated only the latest version, 4.9, 20.04 uses 4.8 branch. Is
there any way to bump these packages in the main repos, or if it is
against Ubuntu's policy regarding package upgrades, what's the easiest way
(preferably from repos) for our users to install the latest version of that
library? The maintainer also filed a bug on Launchpad, but it doesn't seem
to get any traction
I am confused now.

Thanks for your contributions to the open-source community <3,
Best wishes,
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