LibGeos for Ubuntu 22.04 breaks code / improperly configured?

Basile Czajkowski czajbaz at
Thu Dec 8 07:25:18 UTC 2022


I am writing to You with a question about libgeos package available for
Ubuntu 22.04.

Currently apt install provides system with version 3.10.2 of libgeos.

However this breaks code that worked previously with libgeos 3.8.0

As described in this issue :

It seems that building libgeos from source solves the issue even though
source for required classes has not changed. Given the extensive
configuration of package could it be possible that available package in
Ubuntu repository would break code?
If so, when would the updated version of libgeos (3.11.1) appear in Ubuntu

Thank You in advance


Basile Czajkowski
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