Include updated upstream version of AutoKey in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

Little Girl littlergirl at
Sun Feb 16 01:43:32 UTC 2020

Hey there,

Robie Basak wrote:

>This is the right place to ask. Thank you for caring for this
>package in Ubuntu!

Oh, no problem at all. It's a wonderful piece of software. If you
haven't tried it, you should.

>I see that autokey in Debian is at 0.95.9-2 in unstable. In Ubuntu,
>Focal is at 0.90.4-1.1ubuntu1, with the "ubuntu1" bit being the
>following delta:
>When the Ubuntu package carries a delta it needs manual intervention
>to pull in a new version from Debian, since the delta needs to be
>carried forward as appropriate.

Thank you for the explanation. I've always wondered what the ubuntu1
part was about and I noticed that most of the releases in the links I
had originally sent to you didn't use it.

>In this case the delta looks fully incorporated in Debian's
>0.95.9-2, so I can sync this into Ubuntu for you. I'll do this for
>you now. Sometimes it's not so simple and we need volunteers to help
>do some legwork, but this time it is simple, so that's good :)

Oh, so nice. The stars must be aligned tonight.

>Once the package in Ubuntu is in sync with Debian, Ubuntu will
>automatically updated the package from Debian as Debian unstable is
>updated, subject to Ubuntu not being in feature freeze and the
>package passing appropriate tests. You can keep an eye on it here:

Excellent. I bookmarked that page and took a look. I can see that
it's already proposed, so the gears are turning. You've managed to
move mountains in an instant.

>If after a Debian update it does not update in Ubuntu within a day
>or two and you're expecting it to do so, please feel free to ask
>here again.

Now that it's proposed, it should be accepted within one or two days?

>Hope that helps!

Yes, thank you so very much, Robie. You're an AutoKey hero.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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