Include updated upstream version of AutoKey in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Sat Feb 15 22:59:32 UTC 2020


This is the right place to ask. Thank you for caring for this package in

I see that autokey in Debian is at 0.95.9-2 in unstable. In Ubuntu,
Focal is at 0.90.4-1.1ubuntu1, with the "ubuntu1" bit being the
following delta:

When the Ubuntu package carries a delta it needs manual intervention to
pull in a new version from Debian, since the delta needs to be carried
forward as appropriate.

In this case the delta looks fully incorporated in Debian's 0.95.9-2, so
I can sync this into Ubuntu for you. I'll do this for you now. Sometimes
it's not so simple and we need volunteers to help do some legwork, but
this time it is simple, so that's good :)

Once the package in Ubuntu is in sync with Debian, Ubuntu will
automatically updated the package from Debian as Debian unstable is
updated, subject to Ubuntu not being in feature freeze and the package
passing appropriate tests. You can keep an eye on it here: If after a Debian update
it does not update in Ubuntu within a day or two and you're expecting it
to do so, please feel free to ask here again.

Hope that helps!

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