Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Sep 29 11:44:01 UTC 2011

On Thursday, September 29, 2011 02:30:00 PM Jaromil wrote:
> dear Ubuntu MOTU developers,
> Among other projects, I'm the current (upstream) maintainer of the
> frei0r plugin collection and I'm doing my best to follow the correct
> integration of new versions of our plugins inside distributions,
> especially Ubuntu and Debian.
> I'm packaging frei0r plugins for Ubuntu
> and I've noticed that in oneiric the package providing frei0r is now:
> funny
> enough, the frei0r-plugins dependency on that page points to a 404
> while following the
> links of your package, I've arrived to this page
> where it seems to me that the
> effects applied on the face of Nicolas Christener are coming from
> EffectTV.

I think this is not quite correct.

> From the code I also learn that the gnome-video-effect project is
> aiming to apply a descriptive meta-layer on plugins from gstreamer,
> while I don't exactly know where the frei0r plugins are in all
> this. Despite we are talking about DLO plugins, most applications
> using them are forced to include a collection in their own source.
> My reason to write you this mail is double: to understand what is
> happening to our plugins in Ubuntu and to understand how we can
> provide users the correct instructions to install frei0r plugins
> (which are a dependency to many video editing and manipulation
> applications...)
> so now my questions to you:
>  - are you really including frei0r plugins as stated on the ubuntu
>    oneiric package? do you know anyone I can contact to solve our
>    package dependency? I tried hard on launchpad, but I'm getting
>    nowhere.
>  - If frei0r plugins are going to be included as a package in Ubuntu,
>    can they please be included with a reference to the upstream
>    source?  it is (and not gstreamer) and the
>    website is a good resource of information for users and developers
>    interested.
>  thanks for your attention to details, kind regards

If you look at you'll see 
the information about the current binary package we are shipping in Ubuntu.  
It is built from a source package names frei0r.

It lists the project home page as and not 
gstreamer.  Ubuntu gets  it's frei0r package unmodified from Debian (we are a 
Debian derivative), so I would encourage you to contact the Debian maintainer 
(Luca Bigliardi <shammash at>) about updating the homepage information.  

The package you 
referred to is a Gnome frei0r wrapper that depends on frei0r-plugins.  It 
doesn't replace it.  I don't know why was 404 for you, but it 
works here just fine.

Scott K

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