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Thu Sep 29 12:30:00 UTC 2011

dear Ubuntu MOTU developers,

Among other projects, I'm the current (upstream) maintainer of the
frei0r plugin collection and I'm doing my best to follow the correct
integration of new versions of our plugins inside distributions,
especially Ubuntu and Debian.

I'm packaging frei0r plugins for Ubuntu
and I've noticed that in oneiric the package providing frei0r is now: funny
enough, the frei0r-plugins dependency on that page points to a 404 while following the
links of your package, I've arrived to this page where it seems to me that the
effects applied on the face of Nicolas Christener are coming from

From the code I also learn that the gnome-video-effect project is
aiming to apply a descriptive meta-layer on plugins from gstreamer,
while I don't exactly know where the frei0r plugins are in all
this. Despite we are talking about DLO plugins, most applications
using them are forced to include a collection in their own source.

My reason to write you this mail is double: to understand what is
happening to our plugins in Ubuntu and to understand how we can
provide users the correct instructions to install frei0r plugins
(which are a dependency to many video editing and manipulation

so now my questions to you:

 - are you really including frei0r plugins as stated on the ubuntu
   oneiric package? do you know anyone I can contact to solve our
   package dependency? I tried hard on launchpad, but I'm getting

 - If frei0r plugins are going to be included as a package in Ubuntu,
   can they please be included with a reference to the upstream
   source?  it is (and not gstreamer) and the
   website is a good resource of information for users and developers

 thanks for your attention to details, kind regards

jaromil, developer,
GPG: B2D9 9376 BFB2 60B7 601F 5B62 F6D3 FBD9 C2B6 8E39

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