kshowmail will not work without the package kdebase-kio-plugins (will start, but not be able to check for mails)

TBL Bilimport e.K. bilimport at t-b-l.de
Wed Oct 20 16:14:32 BST 2010


I have now been using kshowmail for several years now, under different
linux versions. Now I have upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10, and again I managed
to install kshowmail, and make it work. But first after forcing the
installation of the packade kdebase-kio-plugins, version 3.5.10 (I used
the command "sudo dpkg -i depends
kdebase-kio-plugins_3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy2_i386.deb"). But now, of
course, my system claims my dependencies are broken (although everything
seems to be working fine, even kshowmail), so each time I will install
upgrades (or anything else, or even remove something), the system will
remove this package, and I will have to re-install it again, ignoring
the dependencies.

Do you know a way to work around this? As for now, I'm ignoring the
update (even the ones regarding security issues), so that's not a
satisfying solution. But I really need kshowmail (or a equal good
program; tried to get "magic mail monitor" to run with wine, but without
success, and I simply havent't found any program coming close to those

My system is as mentioned Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit, with a Intel duo-core CPU
2.7 GHz and 4GBM of ram, Gnome 2.32.0 and Kernel 2.6.35-22-generic-pae.

Ulrich; ich habe Sie als Kopie-Empfänger hier aufgeführt, da es
vielleicht von Interesse ist. Sie dürfen selbstverständlich ebenfalls
Lösungsvorschläge bringen. ;-) (Aber bitte nicht Kompilieren; das wird
ausufern, fürchte ich, und nachdem es jetzt irgendwie läuft, möchte ich
mir das nicht antun......bitte um Nachsicht.)

Best regards,

Tor Løken


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