python-cherrypy package in Ubuntu

Felix Schwarz at
Mon Mar 29 23:11:35 BST 2010


I'm the Fedora maintainer for python-cherrypy2 and just took over 
maintainership for the 2.3 branch upstream.

My goal is to fix security issues and provide compatibility fixes for newer 
versions of Python. If you have any patches in Ubuntu which can be generally 
useful, please file a ticket on for the 2.3.1 milestone.

My current patch queue (staging, pending commit) is in bitbucket:

I'll plan to release 2.3.1 during the next month.

I'd like to use the opportunity for some cross-distribution collaboration: If 
you add new patches in the future or find a security issue, please also send a 
short mail to python-cherrypy2-owner at which is the list of 
current Fedora (co)maintainers for python-cherrypy2.


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