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Stephan Hermann sh at sourcecode.de
Thu Mar 25 19:10:27 GMT 2010


On Thu, 25 Mar 2010 12:15:45 -0600
Brian J Mingus <Brian.Mingus at Colorado.EDU> wrote:

> I have run my own (K)Ubuntu repository for four years so your
> stereotype must not be completely true.

Oh well, this is really...the usual way of doing things.
I#m working with software stacks, which aren't inside Debian,
Ubuntu, RedHat or OpenSuSE.
I'm maintaining repositories with those software for months and
years. That's a normal thing. This comes with someones job.

Not all software will be pushed into Ubuntu or Debian or whatever
distro you use.

Maintaining repositories outside the distro landscape is really not the

The problem are software packages, where someone wants it in Ubuntu or
Debian or whatever distro someone uses. This software package needs to
be well maintained and updated/upgraded over time.

And this is exactly the problem. 

A software packager who maintains this package can apply as well for
Ubuntu Developer or Debian Developer or Fedora Maintainer or OpenSuSE
developer if he or she is ready for that. This implies normally that
the newly approved developer will take care about the self made package
and about other software packages we have in universe and multiverse.

But someone who just wants his or her special software pushed to ubuntu
is normally not the type of person who supports it after its pushed to
ubuntu. And those packages are rotting in our archives, and after some
time, when it doesn't build anymore, we need to find a solution or we
remove it from the archive. This is more workload for Ubuntu

If you take care about your packages, you could as well apply as Ubuntu
developer, if you want to see your software inside Ubuntu. 

But from what I see since the last years we have REVU in place, that
many packages are not maintained well enough, and many Ubuntu
Developers are busy with the packages we merge/sync from Debian during
release cycles, so there is no time or no desire to deal with
ubuntu only uploaded packages (minus the packages who are ubuntu only
but are needed for the Ubuntu OS in general).

And really, this is no stereotype, but reality. And it does not only
apply for Ubuntu, but for Debian, Fedora or openSuSE or whatever distro
is out there.



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