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Tue Mar 23 20:45:05 GMT 2010

Am Dienstag, den 23.03.2010, 14:24 -0600 schrieb Brian J Mingus:
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 2:12 PM, Elliot Murphy <elliot at canonical.com>
> wrote:
>         On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Johan De Taeye
>         <johan_de_taeye at yahoo.com> wrote:
>         >>>We get far more package submissions than we can review
>         every cycle. I
>         >>> generally recommend getting
>         >>>your package into Debian and then it will be sync'ed into
>         Ubuntu. There
>         >>> are a lot more developers in Debian.
>         > But, could this be documented?
>         > When people submit their package they know what they are up
>         to.
>         > It'ld avoid people (like me) trying to learn the process,
>         uploading their
>         > package in good faith and getting (a bit) frustrated.
>         > I fully understand and appreciate all the work the team is
>         doing.
>         > Just trying to be positive and see how things can be
>         improved...
>         As Scott has pointed out, it's a problem of having enough
>         volunteers
>         to do the work. I am trying to improve the situation
>         personally by
>         working with Debian teams instead of Ubuntu for my own
>         packages that I
>         want to get in, reviewing packages and giving advice now and
>         then on
>         REVU, and working towards becoming a MOTU myself, but it's
>         slow going.
>         The best way to improve is for more people to do the same.
>         Even if you are not yet MOTU, I think one of the best ways to
>         learn is
>         to review other peoples packages. I have learned many things
>         to
>         improve my own packages by carefully looking at other peoples
>         packages, reading the existing reviews, and trying to see what
>         things
>         would need to be fixed before I would consider the package
>         fine to
>         upload. Doing code review is a really fantastic way to learn.
>         --
>         Elliot Murphy | https://launchpad.net/~statik/
> This really just doesn't click for me. These are Masters of the
> Universe after all. They know everything about creating packages and
> they have a highly efficient and streamlined package testing paradigm.
> They know what bugs in packages are and they know how to fix them more
> quickly than anyone else. Why is there no one who oversees the MOTUs
> (Master of the Masters of the Universe) and says "this package should
> be in Universe" and they say "ok, I will spend the next couple of
> hours getting it ready." 

Many MOTUs are busy with updating, syncing, merging packages and fixing
bugs. Then there is the sponsors queue, which needs love too. I uploaded
a few package from REVU. There were two ways to get my attention: Either
someone ask in the #ubuntu-motu channel, when I had time for it or i
searched the need-packaging bugs on Launchpad. Which package should I
review? I sorted the need-packaging bugs by affected users and found
openshot. I think that having a importance indicator would be a good
idea. What do you think about promoting the use of "Affects me too" on
Launchpad for that?

BTW I sponsored only packages, where the packager worked on getting the
package into Debian, too.

Benjamin Drung
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