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Benjamin Drung bdrung at
Sun Mar 7 21:49:59 GMT 2010

Am Sonntag, den 07.03.2010, 22:37 +0100 schrieb Jon Nordby:
> Hi, I'm one of the developers of MyPaint, a package that is now in
> Universe for Lucid.
> The current version of the package is 0.7.1 and it has a confirmed,
> unsolved bug:
> "MyPaint package 0.7.1-2 for Lucid missing a dependency" 

That could be fixed without updating to a new upstream release.

> That bug is solved in the current Debian package, which is also
> updated for the newest major release (0.8): 
> We've since then released two minor releases to that series, so the
> latest version is 0.8.2. It contains bugfixes and translation
> additions, no major changes.
> I think that it would be very nice, both for end users and for us as
> maintainers, if Ubuntu had MyPaint 0.8.2 when Lucid goes gold. It
> would also allow you to close "Update MyPaint to v0.8.0 in Lucid"
> So dear masters of the universe, can we make that happen? What do you
> want/need me to do?

You need an FFe. Look at my bug comment for more details. Let me know,
if you need more help.

Benjamin Drung
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