MyPaint package in Lucid

Jon Nordby jononor at
Sun Mar 7 21:37:05 GMT 2010

Hi, I'm one of the developers of MyPaint, a package that is now in Universe
for Lucid.

The current version of the package is 0.7.1 and it has a confirmed, unsolved
"MyPaint package 0.7.1-2 for Lucid missing a dependency"

That bug is solved in the current Debian package, which is also updated for
the newest major release (0.8):
We've since then released two minor releases to that series, so the latest
version is 0.8.2. It contains bugfixes and translation additions, no major

I think that it would be very nice, both for end users and for us as
maintainers, if Ubuntu had MyPaint 0.8.2 when Lucid goes gold. It would also
allow you to close "Update MyPaint to v0.8.0 in Lucid"
So dear masters of the universe, can we make that happen? What do you
want/need me to do?

Regards Jon Nordby -
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